Friday, April 11, 2014

April mega update

You are asking me if we are working on something else except expansion to Living with temptation and Eleanor - hell yeah I say!

I want to present you two new projects in which we are pushing the limits in terms of visual presentation and gameplay aspects to make them the most immerse games we developed so far.

First one is called "City of Love" ( - it would a new kind of dating sim - enormous in terms of alluring scenes we put inside as well as new gameplay features. Some amazing screens rendered by Chestnut Shuffles below.

In the same time together with IL we are working over a new game for - "Girl with tattoos". As you see below YamYoda knows how to forge emotions. Prepare yourself for the dating sim you never played before, with the most mature story we ever developed.

And of course we are developing 2 expansions - for Living with temptation and for Eleanor. As soon as I receive all visuals I'm beginning to put everything together and I'm pretty sure that those two expansions will be ready before summer holidays. Some first visuals below.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bonus for


  • Improved image quality allows you to play our games on a much bigger scale than before. Including full screen.
  • Download a game and keep it on your hard drive as long as you want. Once you download, no internet access is required to play.
  • Within every game you'll find a little something extra - bonus artwork that will get your blood flowing.

We start with 6 high rated LOP games and then we will systematically add more and more titles to this bonus section.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Johnny Bullet is ready to rock!

Today we've launched our latest LOPGOLD project - Johnny Bullet.

Imagine residing in sunny Miami Beach surrounded by the hottest chicks on this side of the globe... but instead of focusing solely on those "distractions", Johnny Bullet decided to become a gangster working for a notorious crime boss. 

Your job is to lead Johnny up the ladder of criminal success, until he is the most feared gangster in Miami. Fat wallet, dangerous reputation and more alluring women on his dick than any man could handle. 

Prepare for an unique adventure, filled with bullets, body bags, crime and smiling girls waiting to dive into a luxurious life paid for with your money.

When you start your game, the easiest way to earn quick money is by pick pocketing or hacking the city's ATM's. As you progress, you can dare to commit much more advanced crimes like kidnapping, assassination and even bank heists. 
Invest your money in your equipment - the better the car or weapon you have, the bigger chances of success. And be ready for special assignments from your boss Dmitry or Shannon, the seductive businesswoman downtown.

Flirting with women is an art form - you gotta learn what they like. Try starting slow, with smooth talk and a soft touch, then use all the assets you have to get them begging to wake up in your bed. 

Some girls like a gentle approach and some prefer a dirtier macho attitude, so pay attention to the woman. And when you finally spread her thighs, make sure she remembers that night for a very long time.
Improving your skills is key to Johnny's success. In Miami you've got dozens of interesting places to visit, where you can improve your stats. 

Find your own strategy to become the gangster you want to be - maybe you like to balance your character to be a perfect all-rounder or maybe you want to specialize in one specific set of skills, for instance those required for kidnapping - it's all up to you.

To sum up:
- Develop your character and progress through the game to unlock new features
- Arm yourself with better weapons, vehicles and some illegal goods.
- Gain respect around the city to get the attention of new, powerful friends.
- Seduce sexy girls, bang them and leave them wanting more.

You meet Johnny here:

Monday, April 7, 2014

College romance is ready to play

Proud to announce that our latest free erotic game called College Romance is published.

It's a new kind of a small dating sim where you can play with 3 adorable girls: Kendra, Naomi and Reiko and try to get one of them for amazing holidays with you.

You can enjoy their company here:
and please don't forget to share you comments.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Plan for the next week

1. Launch College Romance on Monday

2. Launch Johnny Bullet for till the end of the week

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March update

I'm working very hard to complete Johnny Bullet which will include a lot of new gameplay features. Some interesting screens below.

You convinced me to prepare an expansions - both for Living with Temptation and Eleanor.
More info about it soon.

First we will launch college dating sim in which you have a chance to fall in love in one of 3 girls.