Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seducing the throne - work in progress

Rendering characters to our new fantasy game called "Seducing the throne" is going very well.
Some images below.

And some background story:

Your name is Lord Hailing. You are last heir to the Hailing family, once a powerful political force in the capital city.

When you were a child your family was sent to serve as diplomats on the North frontier, to keep the barbarians in check. But really this was a political move by a temporary ruler who sought to consolidate his power after the death of a well-loved emperor. He seized the thrown for his own daughter, whom he had conceived with one of the emperor's cousins, and rid the city of his most powerful adversaries. by sending them to distant battlefronts.

You parents died in the barbarian wars, but you survived and continued to serve until at long last the battle was won, and the barbarians were assimilated into the empire.

An urgent letter from an old friend, lord Bigtoes has brought you back to the capital, to live once more in your family's estate.

An old secret has come to light. Lord Bigtoes discovered that you are in fact a bastard child of your mother with the former Emperor, and rightful heir  to the throne. It's a secret that could get you killed, unless it is revealed to the people at just the right time.

The current queen, Kionavaar, is the child of the former Emperor's cousin, but only known heir to the bloodline. Your claim is much stronger, but anyone with an interest in keeping the queen in power would kill you if they found out.

A claim to the throne is nothing without the power and influence to back it up. Time is short, and there may already plots against you. You must regain your family's position and power in the capital city before you can reveal your claim to the throne.

Engage in politics, develop your skills and build your reputation as a man of honor and a champion of the people.

Your opportunity will come on the night of the summer solstice, 30 days from now. Every ruler is anointed anew at the summer solstice, receiving the blessing of the Gods from the High Priestess. It is a time for other claims to be heard. You have until then to put yourself in a position to take the throne, or in a position to escape the city when the queen's men come looking for your head...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Camera Business - Story of Didi Walkthrough

Thanks to Daman we've a new walkthrough for a Camera Business - Story of Didi LOPGOLD game.

You can find it here: lopguides.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Incoming free games

Today we got some news about our new free games.

Our first free game, which will be released next month, is Hot wife: Tara. Tara and Harry promised themselves to spend an amazing evening - pretending that they don't know each other. Imagine to which type of erotic situations this evening could lead.

Then we'll give you an opportunity to spend a romantic date with Gina. You can invite this sweet girl into different locations and interact with her to make her desire you and then lure her into your hotel room.

Driving with London will be an adventure game about love, trust and revenge. Some hot images below.

When you're completely broke and you owe a lot of money to some shady guys from downtown you're ready to do almost everything to pay your debt back. So call him desperate and forgive him what he is going to do with those innocent girls.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sensual Haunting is ready

Proud to announce that we've published Sensual Haunting today.

Because of a job related relocation, a small family of three recently settled into their new abode… A home that had been vacant for some time. It wasn’t long after their arrival in the new place that they heard a knock on the door.

Standing there was a young woman – she gave the new homeowners an ominous warning: This place is haunted, that is why it has been vacant for so long. Of course they didn't believe her. At least not at first…

When they went to bed that first evening, the youngest of the women in the home dreamed of what was to come, while the oldest pondered what had been. She was missing her husband's passion and was trying to remember how he used to satisfy her in bed... Their sexual frustration was almost tangible.

It gathered and fed the spirit that slept dormant in the household, giving him a sliver of power to feast upon. It was that power that awakened you, Sammy Granville from your slumber and gave you new ethereal life. You were weaker than you had last been, but you could feel the potency of the sexual frustration calling to you. It promised pleasure and temptation if you could alleviate it.

In Sensual Haunting you play the role of a ghost who possesses the house and messes with the lives of its inhabitants. Your job is to seduce the girls living there – the frustrated hot wife looking to rekindle her desire, her teenage daughter with her own unique problems, the daughter’s new best friend (hiding an interesting secret) or the wife's slutty sister who has lusted after her sister’s husband from the first moment she saw him. 

As you may guess - this isn't a regular loving family. Every person in the house has their own agenda, desires and secrets which you’ll need to discover thanks to your powers.

It's up to you to help the family find peace of mind and empower the love in their relationships making everybody happy or... you can play the role of the evil spirit, complicating everything in their lives, provoking drama and breaking the bonds connecting them.

We can help you to become a ghost and haunt the house here: Sensual Haunting at sexandglory.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Peyton and Avery are here

Finally we were able to finish Peyton and Avery.

- Hey babe... How was your first week at the new job? Is it as thrilling as you expected?
- Well... I'm pretty sure my boss has a crush on me. But he is a total jackass. I was late ONE time and he got so pissed off about it, he said as punishment for being so disrespectful I have to clean his yacht today!
- What? How is that allowed? Can he do that?
- I didn't think so but... When I tried to say no he warned me that there are lots of other talented girls who'd love to take my place and I want to keep the job I need to learn the value of time... by spending 2 hours cleaning his yacht.

You can choose - follow the Peyton path and stay faithful to your girl or... maybe take a risk and hook up with Avery. It's up to you how will you play it. This time we got a lot of meaningful choices, multiple paths and 6 endings.

The boat is waiting here: Peyton and Avery at PF1

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Living with Temptation 2 - work in progress

Many of you asks in comments about LWT2. So today I'm gonna tell you something about this project.

We're upgrading all our models for this project - from old Victoria 4 to a new Victoria 6. What does it mean? Much more natural body shape, muscle control and much more sex appeal.
For a start I want to present a refreshed version of Tracy.

Let us know what do you think about her.
Later we will come with Lisa, Justin and couple more new characters.

For this game we're modeling and rendering all locations by ourselves. It is quite a challenge cause we got around 24 new locations to prepare for this project.

Game mechanics will be slightly different than before - instead of grinding the stats we'll concentrate more on a story and important choices.

Iksanabot designed an intriguing story for this new game - continuation of the previous events but in a different place and with new characters.

Release date
Right now I'm not able to predict that. Probably (big probably) around summer / early autumn this year. This project is really massive - both in terms of quantity of text, characters, number of locations and scenes. So please arm yourself in patience.

More materials from this game soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Girls from the fantasy world

We've started to render characters for one of our new PREMIUM games with a fantasy theme.
This game will be based on an upgraded Looking for Love game mechanics and will include 3 gorgeous ladies waiting for you to break their heart.